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Please copy and paste the following Questions into an E-mail and send it to me at daniginspired at hotmail dot com

1. Which services are you interested in? (Header, Background, Buttons etc.)

2. What is the url (web address) for your blog?

3. What is your blog about?

4. What style are you looking for? What feeling or mood would you like to convey? If you want to use your own image or photo, please include the high resolution files with your e-mail order. If you need Inspiration, check our resources page.

5. If you have seen sites that have wowed you, please include their URL (web address) and the specific things that you like about them. We won't copy them; however I can use them to get a feel for your tastes and likes.

6. Do you have specific colors or fonts that you would you like to use in your design?

7. What is the Title for your site? Would you like to use a favorite quote or tagline? Please note any specific punctuation requests.

8. Is there anything else you want me to know in order to make your design really special? The more details and specifics up front the better!

9. Please confirm that you've read and agree to our Terms of Service.

10. May I add you to my mailing list to notify you of upcoming promotions and sales? I will NEVER sell or share you e-mail address with anyone.

11. How did you hear about Legacy Site Design? If it was a friend I'd love to personally thank them for the referral.

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