Scrapbook Style Designs

If you are looking for a "Scrapbook Style" design, take a peek at the "kits" that I currently have in my collection. I have been given permission from the original artists to use these products in my blog designs. (No additional cost to you!) You are welcome to pick and choose elements, colors or fonts from these kits.

OR - You may search the internet for other kits. However I can only use kits that are sold directly to me for commercial use. The cost of the kit will be added to your final invoice. (Typically between $3-30) Please contact me for further details if you're hoping to use another designers kit. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

If there are any additional terms, they will be noted.

DELICIOUS - Ellie Lash (Personal Blogs Only)

BEYOND THE SEA - Baers Garten 


FIRST CAR - Baers Garten 

HERE BIRDIE - Baers Garten 


SCHOOL DAYS - Baers Garten 

URBAN - Baers Garten 

JUST DREAMY - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic

HAPPY PLAY - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic 

TECHIE FUN - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic 

MEMORIES FOR YOU - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic 

HONEY DEW 2 - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic 


FAMILY FUN - Anita Designs/Nana's Attic